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Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) - A unique Phenomenon
Commencing the era of enlightenment and divine grace by 2012

On July 19 1989 a mystical event occurred in a school for young children in remote southern India that was the harbinger of a phenomenon now unfolding as one of the most profound events in human history. A golden ball of divine light and intelligence that came to be known as the Golden Ball of Divine Grace descended into a small boy. It gave rise to expanded states of consciousness in the boy, states that we have in the past heard referred to as Self-realisation and God-realisation. These states have been experienced by the great saints and sages throughout history although normally after aeons of practices and disciplines. But here it was given as a simple gift from on high. Soon other children in the school began to have similar experiences, experiences so extraordinary and unfathomable that parents and the broader community began to fear that some kind of unimaginable magic was being performed there. Humanity was clearly not ready for this kind of manifestation, and, for a time, the phenomenon was forced underground and not spoken about. It was to emerge again later on a world scale during the year of 2003.

The phenomenon has come to be known as ‘mukti deeksha’ or ‘oneness blessing’ in the west. Deeksha is a Sanskrit word meaning beginning or initiation or benediction. Mukti or oneness means liberation – liberation of the soul from its bind to material existence, the bind which gives rise to the perception of a separate existence independent of the rest of life. Oneness Blessing is the beginning of a process that gives rise to the direct perception and experience that we are one with life itself. This, of course, has been the object of spiritual endeavour since time immemorial - to experience life as it really is, as a movement in consciousness, perceiver and perceived realized as one. The nature of this reality, as pointed out by the great ones, is bliss, joy. Those of us reading and hearing about these states have, until now, seen it as a future evolutionary potential but not as an immediate realizable reality.

Now it is being given as a gift through grace. It is being bestowed by the divine as a gift to all humanity. The experience of oneness, of being one with all life, is being given, not as a temporary glimpse or as a teaching, but as an established, irreversible, day-to-day reality.

Between now and 2012 a golden door of opportunity exists for humanity to traverse the threshold into the beginning of The Golden Age. The scientific minutiae constituting the phenomenon is not yet revealed, but, in broad principle, it is a neuro-biological process that slows down the activity of the parietal lobes of the brain, which are responsible for the perception of time and space. As these faculties are slowed down, our hard-wired perception of the material (time-space) nature of existence is softened. At the same time the phenomenon increases the activity of what is known as the kundalini energy within the human system activating more and more areas of the frontal lobes of the brain, awakening higher faculties. We naturally move from being ’trapped’ within a material perception of life into perceiving the reality of life itself, leading to spontaneous joy and unconditional love, the expression of our true nature.

The school where the phenomenon descended was called Jeevashram located at a campus known as Satyaloka in Andra Pradesh state in India. The Golden Ball of Divine Grace that descended there is a divinely intelligent program that, once initiated within the individual, begins a process of simultaneously clearing psychological conditioning and residue of the past whilst opening one to divine experience. A way was found where the Divine Will could use one human being to transfer the golden ball to another and the phenomenon of the oneness blessing was born.

Look not upon this phenomenon as yet another self-professing spiritual movement, but as the coming together of the entire human family as a global group in peace and love, each individual celebrating one’s own divinity and experiencing the joy of connectedness, oneness with all humanity and with all life. See it not as an alternative to the path upon which you are treading but as the natural fulfillment of your every spiritual aspiration. Heaven is manifesting on earth through the flowering of the human heart. The Golden Age begins. May we as a human family be grateful for this great gift.

“Man cannot make it on his own this Oneness state has to be given to him. This is the Gift” Sri Bhagavan

The Oneness Blessing phenomenon is initiated and sustained by the twin avatars (divine incarnation) Sri Bhagavan and Sri Padmavathi Amma. One of the children at Jeevashram school into whom the golden ball descended was their son Krishna. Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma established Oneness Univerisity to deliver the special 21-day process that equips one to become a ‘oneness blessing giver’. It is located in a remote rural area some two hours drive north of Chennai in India. The university is the centre of the movement in consciousness towards oneness.

People are coming in great numbers from all the globe to become deeksha givers and to take the energy around the world. These facilitators now number in the many thousand. There are some 640 faciltators in Japan, and a similar number in the USA and Russia and some 400 plus in Sweden. There are approximately 110 in Australia and about 40 in New Zealand. There are numbers in nearly every country of North and South America, most countries of Europe and Asia including rapidly expanding numbers in China, Taiwan and Korea. Significantly, there are increasing numbers of facilitators in the Middle East including Israel and more recently a number of Christian bishops from Africa have made the journey to Oneness University and the phenomenon is now expanding on the African continent.

Royalty and Heads of State of several countries have undertaken the process as well as Government Ministers of India and other countries. The Indian Government plans to have the whole of its public service receive the oneness blessing and virtually the entire public service of Mexico has already received it. One of the seceretaries of the Pope from The Vatican has visited Oneness University, undergone the process and spoken personally with Sri Bhagavan as has one of the leading international leaders of the Islamic faith. Prominent spiritual leaders from India have visited and spoken with Sri Bhagavan.

In 2008 a special conference is to take place at Oneness University which will be attended by many prominent world figures. Leading scientists, quantum physicists, and medical professionals are visiting as well as practitioners and therapists of every modality of medicine, therapy, meditation and personal development. A number of very prominent and celebrated movie actors have also undertaken the course at Oneness University.