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Oneness University
Oneness University - The Founders and The Mission

The Oneness University was established in 2002 by co-founders Sri Bhagavan and his wife, Sri Amma. According to Bhagavan it was created for just one purpose, "To set man totally and unconditionally free, bringing about the Golden Age of Enlightenment."  A center for learning and growth, The Oneness University creates an atmosphere for people to learn and grow in consciousness leading to a ‘happy’ individual and family. Catering to people of every faith and all walks of life, the University represents growth and learning in both the internal and the external spheres of life.

Sri Amma and Bhagavan who are also the originators of the Oneness Blessing founded The Oneness University in the year 2002.

The underlying concept behind every one of its activities is the insightful remark of Sri Bhagavan and Amma that says, "Truth however profound, when it is not yours still remains untruth." Accordingly the university aims to put every individual in touch with the truth of his faith via the medium of a personal experience.

The University speaks about individual transformation as a means to global transformation.

The university offers separate courses for Indian and foreign nationals.

The vision of the Oneness University is to:

  • Create new human beings
  • Create quality human beings
  • Reengineer human consciousness
  • Give form and structure, destiny and direction to today’s world
  • Awaken man to Oneness

The university for the foreign nationals is headed by Anandagiriji (senior guide and a prime disciple of Amma Bhagavan) He along with a team of guides trained by Amma Bhagavan for over a decade, conduct and guide various programs in the university campuses.

Programs offered by the Oneness University:

  • Oneness – Awakening
  • Oneness – Awakening to Higher Intelligence

History & Chronology

March 7, 1949: Sri Bhagavan Kalki is born

Bhagavan's birth in the small village of Nattham, in the district of Tamil Nadu, southern India, was said to have been celebrated by the entire village.

August 15, 1954: Sri Amma is born

Amma was born in the village of Sangam in Andhra Pradesh, southern India. The eighth child in her family, she was considered by some of the village elders to be an incarnation of the mother Goddess.

June 9, 1976: Amma and Bhagavan are married

As they were joined together in wedlock in the large, metropolitan city of Chennai in southern India, many of the wedding guests are said to have felt the Divine Presence that filled the ceremonies. Several even reported having mystical experiences.

Today their wedding anniversary is celebrated worldwide as a day to honor relationships. Amma Bhagavan feel that discovering love and setting right your relationships can put you on a fast track for achieving self-realization.

1984: AmmaBhagavan open their spiritual school

Jeevashram was originally founded as a school to help students awaken to their complete selves. In actuality, it became a foundation for world awakening, and produced their first disciples.

July 19, 1989: The Golden Ball descends

The new age of enlightenment began at the Jeevashram school when one of the young students had the experience of Oneness after the Golden Ball of deeksha energy descended into him.

September 4, 1995: The first monks were appointed

In the beginning there were ten who answered the Divine call to serve humanity and agreed to become monks. Today this order of dasas, teachers, and helpers at the Oneness University now number about 200, nearly all of whom have been blessed with full enlightenment by AmmaBhagavan.

March 10, 2002: The Oneness University is founded

Nestled against lovely, mountain foothills in southern India, the Oneness University was established with the vision to “set man free.” Bhagavan chose this area because of the high, spiritual energies already naturally inherent in the region. This spiritual field, conducive to healing, is created by the powerful ley lines that intersect at this powerpoint on Earth.

August 2-8, 2003: Experience Festival took place

This now renowned festival was a gathering of teachers and spiritual seekers from all over the world, and was co-sponsored by Bhagavan's Golden Age Foundation. Kiara Windrider was one of the teachers invited to speak at this festival, and the widely publicized recounting of his resulting experiences incited many readers to seek their own enlightenment at the Oneness University. (See his articles here.)

January, 2004: The 21 Day Process first began

In this powerful three week course held at the Oneness University, the initial attendees began their journey into Oneness.

March 27, 2004: The power to give deeksha is given

The Oneness Movement truly begins as AmmaBhagavan not only take those attending this and all subsequent 21 Day Process courses into enlightened states, but also initiates them with the power to enlighten others through the energy transfer called deeksha (Oneness Blessing, or diksha).

February, 2005: The 10 Day Deepening Process begins

This special course for graduates of the 21 Day Process helps those who attend to move faster through the enlightenment process towards full God-realization.